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High latency in SOAP Execute snap

Anybody had problems with Soap Execute ? When I use SOAP UI to test a request I get the response in milliseconds, but, when i use a pipeline to make a request using SOAP, I get a response about 3 minutes… Too much time… Why this latency ? Tks, Robert

REST post to Anaplan showing error 400

Hi Everyone , I am not able to post csv data into anaplan using REST Post but I am able to post the same using POSTMAN . Please help .Its urgent !!! and other settings at POSTMAN are - Data load successful snapshot - where as in snaplogic its giv...

Nested ternary expression using Match operator

Expression: parseFloat($InvoiceTotal1.trim()) < 0 && $CategoryDescription.trim() == “INVOICE ADJUSTMENTS” ? parseFloat($InvoiceAdjustments.trim()) : (parseFloat($InvoiceTotal1.trim()) > 0 && $CategoryDescription.trim() == “INVOICE ADJUSTMENTS” ? pars...

aaronb by New Contributor
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SOAP Execute snap attachment error

Hello All, Trying to send a zip file to a SOAP service using the SOAP Execute snap. I attach it in the snap but do I need to reference it in the envelope? I mention the filename but I am clueless as to how do I reference the file in the soap envelope...

wani-amol by New Contributor III
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