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How to access Hive on Private subnet AWS

Hi, I am trying to connect hive server hosted on AWS ec2 machine which is in private subnet. I am using bastion host and tunneling process to connect to hive in sql-workbench and tableau. when i am trying to do the same process in snaplogic its not w...

venkat by New Contributor
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Json Parse method

i can’t seem to get the json Parse method working when using a variable. I am trying to get the following output “customfield_11401”: [ { “value”: “1223-CUST-A1” } ] I am trying to use the following expression but getting an error. Any help is appre...

OAuth2 issues authorizing to Box

I am using REST snaps to connect to and perform functionality in Box that are not available via Box Snaps. I am having trouble establishing my OAuth2 account. I have my ‘application’ setup in Box to connect to and have the client ID and secret all se...

jposey by New Contributor II
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