Designing and Running Pipelines
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Difference in File Size

I have a pipeline that seems to be dropping bytes somewhere. In the Manager tab, we can view the file produced by a pipeline we’ve developed to capture logging data. The file size on the main File tab displays one number of bytes, but when the file p...

Remove File Name From Path

I couldn’t find this anywhere in the community so now that I have it I thought I would share. I have a path like this file:///eloqua/test/test.json I want it like this file:///eloqua/test (no file name in the path) I got the answer from stackexchan...

jhagist by New Contributor III
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Find Person's Age In SnapLogic

Good day Community I would kindly like your help as I am trying to find the age of a person using the snaps and functions available in SnapLogic and using their Birthdate. Can some one help with the above? Thank you very much in advance. Best regards...