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Convert an Array to an Object

I need to convert an array to an object.  this is my array:[  {    "totalMatchingRows": 2,    "pageCount": 1,    "pageSize": 1000,    "pageIndex": null,    "rowsInPage": 2  }] I need to convert it to:{  "totalMatchingRows": 2,  "pageCount": 1,  "page...

KevinFord by New Contributor
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Resolved! SQL Insert / SQL Server Execute Snaps

We have a process today that does a SQL insert into a transactional database and returns the ID value for use in later steps.  We have tried the SQL INSERT SNAP and ID is not returned.  Also tried the SQL Server Execute Snap using and INSERT statemen...

KevinFord by New Contributor
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Resolved! HTTP Client Pagination with $_debug

Hi All,I recently turned on an integration that only runs for about a month in the spring and in the fall when I'm pushing some data from a training system into our ERP and noticed it started failing. After looking through the logs, it looks like it'...

jhipp by New Contributor
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Add key to array of objects

Hello,I have an array of objects that i need to simply add a key to. However, im not a able to find a way of doing this. attached are screen shots of the input and desired output. Any advise is much appreciated.Input:[{fromCurrency:{code: "CUC",name:...

Max by New Contributor II
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