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Resolved! Line Break in Mapper

 I have this below code, but the output csv contains \n instead of giving line break$id + '\n' + $crse_detail.toString().replace(/;/g, '\t\t').replace(/,/g, '\n') + '\n' + '**********' + '\n'I tried updating the csv formatter delimiter to \n. It erro...

cbot412 by New Contributor II
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Want to add NEW LINE CHARACTER in mapper

I am trying to add new line character between three of my contents but it is not allowing me. Can anyone tell how new line character can be used in Mapper. Below is my mapper expression. $Address+ \n +$Name+ \n+$Age I want an output like below. Addre...

mohit by New Contributor
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Resolved! Formatting CSV data for XML output

First time trying to format into XML with SnapLogic. I have CSV data that I am trying to convert into XML. There are repeating elements, possibly multiple, in the schema. I've pared down the schema and file to work with here. My actual schema contain...

pavia by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Looping through Api call

Hi We have a requirement where, If we do an api call , we get response something like below { records_remaining : “200”, records_processed: “100”, failed: “0” }, “entity”: [ "rec1: “abc”, “rec2”:“xyz” ] Pagination does not support by Api . we need to...

sravan by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Converting an array to a JSON payload

Hello all,I need to convert an array of ID values into a JSON payload, and I cannot find any array function that can iterate the values of the list to generate what I need.My array of IDs looks like this: ["r4ige6rwgvnr", "4nkmdoijydfj9", "6ashbd99w3...

Resolved! Creating complex nested JSON from CSV file

I am reading a CSV/XLSX file (could be an sql table as well) with the follwing structure (file attached below as well):BranchYearTypeParentNumberCurrentNumberStructureLevelLanguage1Language1_ValueLanguage2Language2_ValueCreationDateLastUpdate12342024...

adam_g by New Contributor II
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