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Resolved! When Snowflake Fails Over

When an instance of Snowflake fails over to another secondary Snowflake account, is there a way to dynamically have the SnapLogic account find which Snowflake account is the new primary? Is there a way to query which of 2 Snowflake accounts are the p...

Resolved! Snaplogic Service Account Unauthorized?

Hi, I have configured a pipeline to trigger another pipeline via triggered task. The first pipeline triggers the second one by calling a triggered task’s secured REST URL, using the REST GET snap. I have tested the REST authentication for this purpos...

JPaps by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Assign a repeating ID

Hi, I have to incorporate a condition that – In the output, if ‘Name’ is the same, assign the same ‘Id,’ otherwise, increment ‘Id’ of the previous record. Can you please suggest how can I achieve this? Thanks in advance.

marenas by Contributor
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How to fetch value from array?

Hello Team, I have the below array and I need to fetch the filename where active=1. Please can you help me on this. “array” : [ { “active”: 0, “fileName”: “test.pdf” }, { “active”: 1, “fileName”: “test1.pdf” } ] Thanks in advance!

Manigandan by New Contributor II
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Invalid input data - Aggregate snap

I am building a pipeline that joins some data and then aggregate downstream. However, one of the fields that I am grouping by contains nulls and it gives me this error: Invalid input data. Failure: Invalid input data, Reason: Missing field in the inp...

kindminis by New Contributor
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