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Resolved! Detect XML attribute xsi:nil and apply null value

I am using a SOAP Execute to retrieve information from an API. The payload is being converted to JSON. The problem is any field that is null returns with an attribute of @xsi:nil:“true”. This is just an example subset. There are actually more tha...

Thom by New Contributor II
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JDBC Thin Client: Wallet

Hi, I have a question regarding Oracle Thin Dynamic Account. How could I connect to Oracle ATP with a wallet? Oracle says, the the wallet needs to extracted in a directory. Then I can use the Custom JDBC URL with jdbc:oracle:thin:@dbname_high?TNS_ADM...

Birthe by New Contributor
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Resolved! Add single quotes in comma separated string

Hello, I have a scenario where the location name will come in 2 different scenarios from an API as mentioned below. LOC1LOC1, LOC2, LOC3 The expected output should be ‘LOC1’‘LOC1’, ‘LOC2’, ‘LOC3’ I tried using the split and replace function but in va...

Pipeline Search in Dashboard

Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to search for pipelines, in Dashboard/Health, based on exclusion. For example, if it is easy to only show pipelines containing in the name “pipelineXYZ”, how can we show all runs of pipeline excluding “pipelineXYZ”? ...

eric_sou by New Contributor III
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