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Resolved! Create hierarchical Json from mapper output

Hello Snaplogic experts, is it possible from input [ { "Manufacturer": "BMW" "type": "M3" "Fuel": "petrol" } { "Manufacturer": "BMW" "type": "M5" "Fuel": "petrol" } { "Manufacturer": "Mercedel" "type": "GLS" "Fuel": "diesel" } ] create output like ...

SL12345 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Get each value from an array and create for each a record

HI experts, I have this input and the array of EmailAdresses can consist of 1 - 5 addresses: [ { “BusinessPartner”:“10”, “LastName”:“lam”, “SearchTerm1”:“lam”, “to_BusinessPartnerAddress”:{ “results”:[ { “BusinessPartner”:“10”, “Country”:“DE”, “to_Em...

Resolved! Fetching inputs from basic auth account

Hello Experts, I have an interface that is to be created over 3 different SOAP request as a positive flow. Login → Check/update Data → Logout The first step of Login requires username and password to be sent along the SOAP request. The Envelope loops...