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Salesforce bulk query and bulk delete

Hi,I'm working on Salesforce objects that are related Person and Accounts. A person can have many accounts. I'm fetching the Accounts object with Person Id(Parent Id). This will return multiple records and I have to delete all these records before de...

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hksnap29 by New Contributor
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Resolved! No space available to perform operation

Hi We notice that when we use aggregation snaps(e.g. sort/join) to process a large amount of data, we got “no space available to perform operation” error some times. It seems Snaplogic tries to hold those data in some disk space to do sorting/joining...

Resolved! Slicing Data from JSON

Hello SnapLogic Community,I'm a Salesforce administrator working with SnapLogic to process data from an Oracle server. My pipeline calls a function that returns a multi-level JSON file. I need to extract data from this JSON and insert it into various...

JanosIT by New Contributor II
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