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How to formulate expresssion

 Please I need some help to formulate this expression an expression. Essentially, is it possible for these three steps to be all done in one line? Thanks.trim($Clicks)trim($Clicks.replaceAll('-',''))trim(output of  step 2)

omiaye by New Contributor II
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SQL Server - Bulk Load in Linux

Hi SMEs,Good day, hope all is well. Currently having some issue when running the bcp client in linux snaplex I was wondering on how can I pass the -u argument in the bcp client or any workaround or configuration that needs to be done in the snaplex?I...

alchemiz_0-1716793495749.png alchemiz_1-1716793616150.png alchemiz_1-1716798461782.png
alchemiz by Contributor III
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How To Generate Rank with Partitions

Hi I need to generate the rank for the below data where data should be partitioned by No and Date order by value and want to get the top 3 ranked categories for each No and each Month. Input : No Category Date Value Rank 1 Dog 01-01-2022...

vaidyarm by Contributor
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Implementing RANK function

Hello, I am trying to implement the RANK function similar to what we have in sql. Rows with equal values for the ranking criteria should have the same ranks and ranks might not be consecutive numbers. For example, if two rows are ranked 1, the next r...

Preeta by New Contributor II
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