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Changing Font Style/Size of CSV file


Hello Experts,

I have a pipeline which is generating CSV file. How can change font type and font style of content present inside this CSV file? Is there any unique way to achieve this in Snaplogic?

Thanks in Advance


New Contributor III

it’s not immediately clear what you’re trying to do (or it doesn’t make sense).

A csv file is really just text - the fontsize / style in a csv file is determined solely by the application you open the file with.

If you need formatting, maybe a richer format (like excel) might be more appropriate?


We are converting an xml into a csv text file, and the requirement is to change font type to Arial and font size to 11 as per the business requirement.

Now is there a way that we can change it via Snaplogic?
Please Note: The output will be a “.txt” file.

@aditya.gupta41 - you need to have a serious talk with your Business Analyst. The requirement is nonsensical and there is no way for you to meet it.

Text files are just straight textual data. CSV files add only minimal structure on top of that, i.e. they’re assumed to contain columnar data separated by a comma or other delimiter.

There is no “font” or “font size” associated with a text or CSV file. Period.

This requirement is like asking to adjust the wingtip style on a Toyota Celica. It’s a car. It doesn’t have any wings to have wingtips regardless of their shape.

If they need a specific font, they need a different file format, such as Rich Text Format, Word document, or PDF.

Hope this helps!