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Common Error Handler

New Contributor III


As requested in another thread, here is our common error handler which we’re trying to use across all projects. Feel free to share your own and any ideas!

Here is the screenshot (pipeline definition is attached below):

Key features:

  • We have multiple potential notification mechanisms - currently e-mail and/or ServiceNow
  • We have the option for either critical failures (fails the parent Pipeline) or non-critical (send error notification but does not fail the parent)
  • We use a parameters file to configure error behavior for each calling/parent pipeline so that this can be changed for each environment (including things like the e-mail recipients)
  • Parameters are also driven by an ‘error code’ which is passed in from the parent - this allows us to have different error behavior in different section / scenarios of the parent pipeline

It is up to the pipeline designer to correctly map the document data which is input into the error handler, including identifying the relevant data to include in the message (e.g. the unique identified of the record which is in error).

The package below includes the error handler, the parameters file and an example demonstrating its use. (6.8 KB)