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Connecting Windows based SFTP servers using SnapLogic

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We’re trying to connect with Windows-based SFTP server in order to read data files, but getting the error as -

“error”: “Unable to read from sftp://sftp server//readme.txt
“reason”: “Cannot open input stream for sftp://sftp server/readme.txt”
“resolution”: “Check for URL syntax and file access permission”

This is a very critical time of our program and any help or lead would be much appreciated.




Assuming that you ARE using the basic file permission, and the domain name like “sftp server” is the one on the valid and recognized CA cert, you might want to validate that the port number is right, and that the case of the file names and directories are right. Some ssl implementations are touchy.

Thanks for the response @stephenknilans.

Port number, file names, and directories are correct, but still, we’re getting the same error.

Furthermore, in the above post, I’ve replaced the actual server name with “sftp server” just to any client-related information.

Please let us know!

I figured you just changed the name. I’ve been hiding such information also on my side. I’m just someone trying to help. I don’t know what to say at this point, but I am sure snaplogic support can look into it more.


New Contributor

On our Linux based node servers, we have found that often we need to first make the SFTP connection directly from the host, as it will often prompt you to store the fingerprint of the server. Making the initial connection from a snap does not seem to allow us to do that. You may want to try validating that the Windows server can make the SFTP connection first before trying in your snap.