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Create multiple files in BOX

New Contributor

Hi Team ,

I am working on creating multiple files in my box folder. Created a child and parent. Child will create the File in the folder having a ultra task mapped to it

Parent is having a CSV reader with all the file names and connects to the pipeline execute snap.

This is doing the expected work. Instead it creates one file in the root folder with all the names. the name of the file is the parameter value. It worked in one point , i made some correction and then on it is not working , am on top of this for past few days , but not able to fix it. Any ideas will be deeply appreciated.
attached both the snaps

Snaplogic_POC_Filecreation_2019_11_01.slp (5.6 KB) Snaplogic POC file create_2019_11_01.slp (4.9 KB)