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Dynamic Query Parameters in REST Get - range of dates

New Contributor


I am trying to automatize REST Get extraction by setting up Query Parameters in the REST Get snap with date 1 and date 2. My idea is to schedule the pipeline every 1st of the month and date 2 should be Today minus one day and date 1 should be today minus one month. So for example if today is 1st of October, then date 2 should be Oct 1st - 1 day = 30 Sept and date 1 should be Oct 1st - 1 month = Sept 1st.

These are the functions I created, but they don't seem to be working (I am not sure how to print the output of the functions). Both need to be in yyyy-MM-dd format. 

date 1 = Date.toFormat(new Date().setMonth(new Date().getMonth() - 1), "yyyy-MM-dd")

date 2 = Date.toFormat( - (24 * 60 * 60 * 1000), "yyyy-MM-dd")

Any help is appreciated, thanks