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Email Azure SQL Servers Extracts

New Contributor

I work with SQL Server and Snaplogic Tasks. 
So we do some calculations on backend and create end tables on sql DBs which are reflected on power bi dashboards.

My team members who handle power bi dashboards ask for table extracts from us in the form of excel or csv file.
So this has become a repititive task where we open our SSMS and run our select queries and send them the extract.
My team does not have access to Snaplogic and SQL DB and they also do not know how to work with these services and tools.
The table extracts file size can vary from 100MB - 5GB

I want to automate this. The two ideas which I can think of is:

1. My team will send table name to an email account which will trigger a task and run pipeline on snaplogic which basically runs Azure SQL Execute Snap and parses it to an excel or csv file. (If this is possible)
2. I can create multiple task links for each table which on a click will trigger the pipeline and will parse an excel or csv file through the Azure SQL Execute Snap which basically runs a simple select query.

Now after an excel or csv file is generated I want users can access it. If the file can be emailed to them or sent on saved on my Gdrive or OneDrive.

Please let me know if this is possible or something similar to this and it will be really helpful if you can help me with detailed steps as I'm new with snaplogic.