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Error in Snowflake - Select Snap

New Contributor II


I have a parent and child pipeline where the parent pipeline sends some venue details to child pipeline. Based on the venue details, the child pipeline calls a REST GET to acquire data from vendor and loads into Snowflake table using Snowflake BULK LOAD Snap.

one of the child pipelines failed with the below mentioned error “Exception caught in HTTP_EXECUTE_THREAD, aborting HTTP request”. Normally this pipeline would take 15 to 20 secs to complete, but it took 16 mins and failed with the below error.



Any help to figure out the cause of error would be highly appreciated.



Valued Contributor

Hi @sravankunadi,

Do you have an error view enabled for your pipeline execute? I don’t recall exactly what error did I receive but I did get one so I enabled the error view and wrote those errors to a flat file.


You can try this approach and then based on the errors, we can brainstorm of a way to resolve it.

New Contributor II

We are also getting the same error with Redshift Execute Snap. Its random. we started to face the issue since start of the year-22…

Error Desc-
com.snaplogic.api.ExecutionException: Exception caught in HTTP_EXECUTE_THREAD, aborting HTTP request

I have raised this issue with the Support team multiple times they pointed out its issue with our network. Network team says they don’t see any failures there no packet loss or any other issue.

Now we just hope that pipelines don’t fail and if it fails we try run it “manually”.