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Failure: Null pointer exception Netsuite Snaps (various)

New Contributor


I’m getting the following error for the following snaps:

  • Netsuite Search Assembly Item
  • Netsuite Search Item
  • Netsuite Search Location


Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated, thank you



Hi Kevin,

First, to clarify, note that you’re dealing with three instances of a single snap, NetSuite Search, configured with different Object types: Assembly Item, Item, and Location.

It looks like you’ve encountered a defect that’s been fixed in our forthcoming release (4.17). The root cause is that the NetSuite role that you’re using to execute the NetSuite snaps does not have all of the permissions necessary for the snap to retrieve the custom field metadata associated with the selected Object type, and the snap does not handle this condition gracefully.

The best way to avoid the error is to add the required permissions to the role in the NetSuite UI.
Edit the role, scroll to bottom, select the Permissions tab and the Setup subtab, and add any permissions related to custom fields, such as Custom Item Fields, Other Custom Fields, Custom Body Fields, Custom Column Fields, Custom Entity Fields. A permission Level of View is sufficient for each of these.

If possible, please try this in the UAT environment, where the first 4.17 release candidate is available for testing. The code in this version handles the permission issue more gracefully, and will provide some guidance about which required permissions are missing.

There’s also a partial fix for the defect in the “latest” version of the NetSuite snap pack in the production environment, netsuite6911. If you’re executing the pipeline in production, please use that version if possible. That version will lazy-load the custom field metadata, so may sidestep the issue if the snaps are not configured to use custom fields.

Please let me know if that helps.

Hi there,

Sorry for not being more clear on the snap I was using, I had forgotten I had relabeled them, but yes they are all NetSuite Search snaps.

The token permissions was exactly it, NetSuite recently updated and deprecated some default permissions so some reconfiguration was needed.

Thanks for your help!