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Fetch data whose date is less than 10hrs from the existing date!

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Hi Team,

I’m trying to achieve a filter condition but haven’t found any luck so far. My data has a field as Last_Updated which has date stored in the format 2022-06-23 03:54:45

I want to consider only those records whose date is less than 10 hours than the existing date. How can I achieve this? Shall I use a mapper or a filter snap and I would really appreciate if the logic behind this can be shared.

If the format of the date that is stored in the Last_Updated needs to be transformed as well, please let me know.



Than I go back to my original statement. This expression will do the job:

Date.parse($Last_Updated) >

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Valued Contributor

You can do something like this:

Date.parse($Last_Updated) >

Thank you @bojanvelevski, should it be > or ‘<’ ?

Now when I reviewed your original post, yes, it should be “<”. You want to consider dates that are less than 10 hours than the current date.

That’s correct and I can explain you in detail.

Let’s assume, I manually execute this pipeline, the current date and time is June 29, 10:40am EST, with the filter condition, we should only consider records whose Last_updated was before 48hrs than the current date and time.

Let’s assume again that 2 records have Last_Updated as June 27, 6pm EST and the difference is 48hrs (it’s easy to explain if we are considering values (i.e. 24, 48, 72) that are multiple of 24) and the other records have Last_Updated as June 25, 10:40am EST, we should ONLY get those 2 records as those fall into 48hr bracket.