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How do you use the Result Set output on the Oracle Stored Procedure snap?

New Contributor III

I have an Oracle stored function that returns a ref cursor. When I call it from an Oracle Stored Procedure snap, I’d like the data returned to the Result Set output (I think), but instead, it’s getting returned to the regular output with each column in the data as it’s own array. I haven’t been able to locate any documentation how to use the result set output. Has anyone used the result set output successfully?


New Contributor

Did you get a response to this by chance? I have a similar need with an existing stored procedure that returns a query result set (ref cursor). I just want to execute the stored procedure and output results to csv

New Contributor III

I didn’t, but I figured out if I just return a refcursor, it will return it via the regular output as a json object, then I had to use a json splitter to split it into rows