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How i retrieve status information of master pipeline using Snaps in designer? without using dashboard and tasks

New Contributor II

Hi.i am new learner in snaplogic please help me .I need to trigger an email when the master pipeline is running longer than expected like an hour is an usual expectation. how can i perform this job in pipeline? if my pipeline is running more than expected time the email will notify ourself. which snap is used to fulfil my requirement .please tell me.



Hi @nandudevi05 ,

Please have a look at Snaplogic Public APIs.

You’ll need read access to this and a way to authenticate, after that you should be able to you a REST GET, to fetch the information.

I hope this helps.

Thank you @Soni37 but My requirement is if my pipeline is running more than 50 mins means it will automatically trigger an email notification. in designer in the pipeline can i set any one snap for this job?

Yes, there is one way to read the pipeline information(Start Time etc.). Please follow this link and thenadd a email snap to trigger the email if pipeline is running more than 60 mins.

You’ll have to build the logic in pipeline.

ok thank you so much.