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How to bypass Snaplogic Authentication token with something different token

New Contributor II

I need to pass Authorization token which is not provided by Snaplogic while calling triggered task.
I need to then get this token and validate.

Question is how to bypass Snaplogic Authentication and use Authorization token stored in header in a local variable in Snaplogic pipeline

FYI @sinhavivek



Can you describe your use case more. Do you need to pass an authorization token that will be used in the pipeline to call another service? If that’s the case then I’d recommend looking at the documentation abouthow to pass input into a triggered task. Search for the heading " POSTing Input to a Pipeline" and try that out.

New Contributor II

Thanks @tlikarish

yes , I need to pass the authorization token which will be used to call another service.
I read document. I would require to send it in JSON body in a POST request.

Api I am trying to build is GET . @tlikarish How to achieve it for GET request?

If you want to have your API to use the HTTP Get method, then you’d have to pass the token through the path or the query string. The one downside of this approach is that often paths and query strings can end up in log files, which would expose your token.

If you want to go that route still, then you’d look at the section Passing Pipeline Arguments for an example with the query string or Semantic URL for an example of how to do it with the path.

New Contributor II

@tlikarish Yes, there is always risk of compromising authorization token. We wouldn’t want to pass authorization token as querry or as PATH_INFO(Snaplogic). It’s not best practice.

Is there any other way to do in Snaplogic?