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How to Copy or Move multiple files?

New Contributor III

I am looking for suggestion on which snap to use when I want to be able to Move or Copy multiple files with txt extension from one local groundplex directory to another local groundplex directory.



Contributor III

@mtran21 If you are moving one folder to another in same server can use File Operation snap. Else you can create 2 pipeline (recommending to track the processed file name and parallel processing ) -

  1. Directory Browser to poll list of File available, then pass file path details to child pipeline. Use file name in pipeline execution level, so you can track the processed filename from dash board and make no of execution count at least 10.
  2. In child pipeline, read the file (file url should comes from parent) then Write to your target folder. You should pass target folder location and filename from parent pipeline.
  3. If you want to delete from source , then use delete snap.

If you need to listen the source file path in particular frequency, then use file poll snap and make time out as -1, instead of Directory Browser. Rest should remain same.