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How to create a report on Tasks Invoked by Specific User in SnapLogic?

New Contributor II

Hi Everyone,
I created a user with administrator privileges to invoke pipelines in a project using a username and password. However, I now want to reduce the user's role to a lower level.

Before making this change, I want to ensure it won't disrupt any existing workflows. To do this, I'd like to generate a report that lists all the tasks invoked using this administrator account.

I've checked the activity log and tried using the SnapLogic metadata snap to generate the report, but neither method has shown any records of user API authentication history.

Example- is having admin role and allowed to trigger Pipeline 1,Pipeline,pipeline3 with authentication( and password)

But can trigger pipeline 4,5,6 with authentication( and password).

I am looking for report that list invoked pipeline 1,2,3,4,5,6 with authentication (

Can anyone advise on how I can create a report listing all the tasks invoked by this particular user?