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How to Decrypt fields for an entire table at once?

New Contributor III

We get a client’s data each week and we try to encrypt the data using encrypt snap and Keystore account. Next, for decryption, we save the encrypted fields for each file into a separate file and append the encrypted new weekly data to the historical table.

There’s a huge problem, when we have to decrypt. Since we have encrypted fields saved in a separate file for each weekly file, we can’t decrypt the entire historical table at once for that client.

The goal is to have a way be able to decrypt the entire table as and when we need it.
Here’s how it looks now:


Contributor III

@anayak rather using Encrypt individual field, you can try any of this binary encryption snap as soon as you read the file. You can also make binary output view of "Mapper2 " and use $ in source and $content in target filed then use any of the Binary Encryption snap.


New Contributor III

@Supratim thanks for your response. We don’t want to encrypt entire documents rather just some columns and I think binary encryption snaps don’t do what we need as they encrypt all the columns at once. Please let me know if there are other ways to solve for what I want or how can I develop a custom snap if needed.