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How to get JSON node which cause Workday webservice error under Workday Write response message?

New Contributor II

Hi Everyone,

In SOAP UI/ Workday Studio’s SOAP response, we usually get Web Service(WS) error xpath which tell us the node/XML xpath cause webservice error. This xpath allow developer to understand which section of WS request cause the error.

Example of SOAP response having error:

wd:MessageInvalid ID value. ‘BUSINESS ASSE’ is not a valid ID value for type = ‘Location_Usage_ID’</wd:Message>
wd:Detail_MessageInvalid ID value. ‘BUSINESS ASSE’ is not a valid ID value for type = ‘Location_Usage_ID’</wd:Detail_Message>

Similarly, I am looking for specific node which cause any webservice error when Snaplogic’s Workday Write snap execute. Unfortunately, current Workday write does not give such node details in SOAP request that causes WS error.

Getting such JSON node or Xpath location will help my business scenarios which needs to identify specific address section that causes WS error for Put_Student_Application. Under this web service, Workday allows us to add different types addresses related to student including friend and family (like, mailing, permanent, parent address etc.).

Below is error message of Workday Write:

From above error message, we are able to get error description and suggested resolution but it does not give any information regarding which address section (either personal mailing, permanent, parent address etc) cause said WS error.

Kindly advice if anybody came across such scenario and how we can handle such cases.

Sandeep Meitei


New Contributor II

Hi All,

I have create a support case with Snaplogic to include xpath details under Workday read response message for errored ones. Snaplogic team informed that they will try to include said features in future update release.

M Sandeep Meitei

New Contributor III

Hey Sandeep,

The Workday Write response still does not have the Detail Entry like SOAP execute. Did you get any more reverts from workday? How did you manage to get this to work for you?

New Contributor II

Hi Gautam,

We end up using ‘SOAP Execute’ snap where will see xpath response message - reason.