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How to hard stop the execution of pipe line or a task

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Pipe Line Summary :-
I have a Parent pipeline which will browse the sftp location and pass the file information to the child pipe line. The child pipeline will read these files and generate the XML and then using the rest call these XML’s will be sent to another system.

Here i want to stop the execution at 2 levels when ever an error occurs.

  1. when the snap fails :- when ever we get the error then we are calling the global error handler pipeline. the error pipe line will write the log ,creates jira ticket and sends email also. Once we do these operation i want to stop the pipe line execution. How to achieve this.
  2. When the rest snap fails :- for example when the rest post fails due to the server down or any other reason then i want to stop the execution of the entire pipeline or the task.



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I also have that same question.  

How come there is no response from Snap employees ?

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I also faced the same issue