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Intermittent issue with ServiceNow Query Snap

New Contributor III

Is anyone aware of any known issue with ServiceNow query Snap ? The documentation does not show any known issue.

We have used ServiceNow query snap in one of our pipeline to query records from xyz table based on input field value.
Sometimes this is returning empty response even though the matching record exists in xyz table.
This is a very strange behavior and is getting harder for us to replicate. 

Any information on this behavior will really be helpful.


Valued Contributor

Hi @Chandan,

I've not faced this before but it is happening to you, I would suggest to open a support ticket with snapLogic who can take a deeper dive into this. I've had issues with other snaps such as Snowflake and Salesforce but it was working perfectly fine for others so a support ticket will help here.

New Contributor III

Yeah that is the last option. I'm also researching more on if this could be the issue with ServiceNow table API. 
Well lets see where this goes. Thank you