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Issue in fetching the Tables in the ServiceNow

New Contributor II

Hi Team,

I am not able to fetch the tables from the service now. It's throwing 403 forbidden error as shown in the below pic.


The account validation is successful for the service now instance.

What might be the issue?


Valued Contributor


Check the permissions of the user that you are using for authentication. It looks like there is a lack of the necessary permissions for the resources that you are looking. 

Yes, I am not able to find the permission settings to change the permission. Could you help me out finding the permission settings in the ServiceNow?



Valued Contributor


I am not very familiar with ServiceNow, so honestly I cannot help with that. Probably you can post your question to their community and for sure there will be someone that can help you.

Okay. No problem!. Thank you!.

I will ask their community about this.