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Joining two mappers in order to get values from first mapper into first column

New Contributor III

Hello SnaplLogic experts,

How can i join two mappers - in first mapper are headers, lets say 3 values represent columns name but these 3 values should be written in first column not in three columns as column headers and values from second snap will be joined after last value (last column name in column A) and values will be written in three columns not only in column A

I already have values from first mapper in one column ( I have string  Column1,Column2,Column3  so this string is splitted by (',')) but dont know how to append values from second mapper after last column value (in this case Column3) and not to merge it via join snap to the same row as first value from second mapper.

Desired Output:

Column1Value Column2Value Column3Value

Output shoud be CSV file, so not sure if i should do it via join snap or somehow in CSV formatter


Thank you


Thank you