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JSON Splitter to REST Call capture all response bodies

New Contributor

I have a pipeline that takes an Array of JSON as input. We then feed it to a JSON Splitter that then goes into a REST POST to some endpoint. I see that all of the REST calls go through in the Ultra task, however only the first response body from the first REST call is returned by Snap.

Does anyone know how to capture all the response bodies into an array, and only after all REST calls are processed, then SnapLogic sends back its array of responses? Or is this not possible…


Contributor II

I think I would need to see your pipeline, but have you tried a splitter?

Do you mean another JSON splitter after the REST call? How about if one of the calls caused an error… what would be the result of this case?

Former Employee

Where you are responding to an Ultra request and there may be many documents which you need to aggregate into a single document for response, the method you use is to pass the inbound request to a child pipeline (using pipeline execute), and in the child, use a Group By N snap at the end to aggregate the responses into a single document, which when passed to the parent, can be sent as the response to the Ultra request.