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Mapping object, array and timestamp datatypes between SL and Snowflake

New Contributor III

Hello all,

I'm trying to populate data in a Snowflake DB using the Snowflake insert snap.

In my Snowflake table, I have defined some columns as "object", "array" and "timestamp", hoping that this would be a match for the corresponding data types in SL, however when I try to insert data from those fields I'm getting snap error messages such as Failed to cast variant value "{key1=value1,key2=value2,key3=value3}" to OBJECT or Timestamp '2023-12-07T20:12:45+0000' is not recognized.

I suspect that I need to format the data either in SL using array/object methods while mapping the fields to Snowflake columns, or in Snowflake directly, in the schema, to define the exact format expected, however I was not able to find any useful documentation that would help. For the moment, I've mapped the SL timetamps, objects and arrays to Snowflake "variant" type, and that seems to be working (no error generated), however I think that it would be preferable to keep the same data type whenever possible.

Does anyone has any advices or documentation on this that I could use?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards,