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Pass null when object is not found or data is not found in mapper

New Contributor III

I have list of ifa numbers and I will do lookup to salesforce and get the account id mappings to it and form the below structure using mappings if the account is found.


"customerMappings": {
"0280944234": "0011H000034uSFAQA2"

if the Account is not found then  customerMappings will not be created.

when I try to access the data  using this
$.get("customerIFANumber") != null ? $customerMappings.get($customerIFANumber) : null

but if the customermapping is not present then it says error.


"error" : "$customerMappings is undefined. Perhaps you meant: $customerIFANumber, $yearofmanufacture",
"reason" : "'customerMappings' was not found while evaluating the sub-expression '$customerMappings'",
"resolution" : "Check the spelling of the property or, if the property is optional, use the get() method (e.g. $.get('customerMappings'))",


I tried this

it didnt help 

failure:"Cannot invoke a method on a null value",value:"Please check expression syntax",reason:"Please check expression syntax",sub-expression:{...}
can anyone help me here

Contributor III

Hello @akarsh,

Seems like the object $customerMappings is missing in the document, could you please verify that it exists?

$customerMappings is created when it finds that IFA number is present in salesforce. in this scenario the ifa number is not present in salesforce

Former Employee

@akarsh You can solve your problem using hasOwnProperty() expression. I am attaching a sample pipeline check it out.