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Passing custom value to Error pipeline

New Contributor III

Hi, I have search the community and Google for that matter but I cannot find a sample of how I can pass a custom value to an error pipeline.

When we start a pipeline we consume message information from a RabbitMQ queue and when we have an error in our pipeline I need to pass that message information from the queue to the error pipeline.

Can somebody please tell me how to do this or is it possible at all because I have tried days to get this working from the samples I found on the internet but to no avail?

Thanks you for your help.


Admin Admin

Hi @Richard,

We may need a bit more information of how your pipeline is configured. Is the message coming directly into a RabbitMQ Consumer Snap or do you have something before it?

Diane Miller
Community Manager

Contributor III

@Richard If I understand your question correctly, you can refer below steps-

  1. Open Rabbit MQ consumer snap and go to view tab . Select error view option
  2. Add mapper for custom error message and then right click on mapper. Then select Link output to Error Pipeline. It should pass your custom message to error pipeline.

Hope it might help you.