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[Pipeline] How can I get expr file from parameter?

New Contributor II

As long as before, when I add expression library, it appears the "=" button as below. But now, the "=" button doesn't appear like the picture. How can I get expr file from parameter?

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 15.07.21.png



@khanh_tran - I've seen a couple support tickets come through that identified the issue following our last platform release.  It is a known issue that is being addressed in the next platform release (Dec).

In the meantime, if you need to have an expression-enabled expression library file, you can use the attached pipeline to modify the pipeline metadata to re-enable the expression button for all listed expression library files in the pipeline.  Just download and the unzip the file, and import the SLP to your org.  It will update all pipelines in the project specified in the pipeline parameter, so it at least lets you move forward until the Dec release corrects the issue.