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PostgreSQL Bulk Upload

New Contributor

When the INSERT query getting fired from Snaplogic, the PRIMARY_KEY is going as null which is causing issue to insert the data in the destination PostgreSQL database.

The primary key column is auto-increment but since from the query we are passing it null, getting primary_key constaint issue as it cannot be null. So is there any way to ignore the ID column from been added in the INSERT query getting triggered from PostgreSQL Bulk Load Snap.

I tried Mapper but didn't worked.

Any suggestions from anyone...?


Former Employee

@manojchit  When you're working with data integration involving PostgreSQL tables, it's often crucial to load only the necessary columns to optimise performance and maintain data integrity. The BulkLoad snap in SnapLogic provides a convenient way to accomplish this task, offering a 'columns' property that allows you to specify exactly which columns you want to load from your data source into the PostgreSQL table.

By utilising the 'columns' property, you gain control over the data that gets inserted into your PostgreSQL table, enabling you to exclude any columns that are not relevant to your current operation. This selective loading helps streamline your data pipelines and ensures that only the required information is transferred, reducing unnecessary overhead and potential errors.

Refer snap doc link to understand more about columns property: