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Regular keyboard navigation in edit box not working correctly

New Contributor III

I noticed that the “edit expression” popup disallows proper keyboard navigation when using multiline-edits.

In the below (simplified and syntactically incorrect) samplecase, i am using 3 rows (to make debugging / understanding simpler.
I am however not allowed to switch rows with “arrow up” and “arrow down”, instead, i need to press “end” - then “arrow right” to get to the next line (keyboard navigation only).
obviously i can use the mouse for navigation, but that’s unnecessary movement of the hand, and therefore a waste of time.

I don’t see any technical reason as to why this should be disallowed, as “arrow UP” and “arrow down” do not seem to have any other effects in snaplogic (even if it were, my focus is in the edit box - so leave my keyboard functioning please).


I know it’s not just me - as others in my company have the same effect.

I’m now left wondering - is this something the community just choose to accept as “oddity of the platform” - or is there a technical reason behind where snaplogic staff could enlighten why this ain’t possible.



Hi @matthias.voppichler

That is kind of annoying, huh. Hmm… At the bottom of the Expression Builder window, there is a keyboard shortcuts legend which indicates that you can use the UP and DOWN arrows in the parameter tree, if it’s active. Nevertheless, shifting focus to the editor, UP and DOWN keys seem no-op with less intuitive navigation. Agreed, mouse out. Let me ask the UI team to try and find out the reasoning or constraint for this. Stay tuned …


Ask and you shall receive, well maybe, … I’ve inquired with the UI team and they suggested logging a defect which I have done. They will investigate and either fix it or reject with an explanation of why not. You may ping this thread for status if not updated.

New Contributor III

it's been almost two years now ... has this received any priority? 
i realize it's still not available .. but this is a major usability slump...


I've in the meantime also opened a support issue about this - but it's en-par with my recent bad experiences with support, which is that they aim to close tickets without even trying to assist.