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SharePoint Snaps

New Contributor

I am using the SharePoint Snaps to move data to SharePoint online list. In my SharePoint snaps, I am using an expression for the SharePoint site name to connect to different sites based on the input data. If the input data has one site name the snap connects to SharePoint without any issues but If the input data has multiple site names the snap fails with HTTP Response Code:404. Any thoughts?



Hi @rfarag

We’ll investigate and get back to you.

Hi @rfarag
You can hold off on creating a support ticket. I’m going to engage a colleague to contribute here.

New Contributor III

Can you please share the exact scenario you are trying to build by sharing the steps or possibly the test pipeline itself to reproduce the problem.
The sites property is expression enabled and hence supports dynamic values.

New Contributor

My pipeline is very simple. I have a JSON Generator snap with the following JSON:
{“Site”:“site1”,“Title”:“Item 1”},{“Site”:“site2”,“Title”:“Item 1”}

This snap is connected to a mapper snap with the following mapping:
Expression Target Path
$Site $SPSite
$Title $Payload.Title

Finally the mapper snap is connected to the “SharePoint Online - Create List” snap:
The properties for this Snap is as follows:
Site : $SPSite (set as expression)
List name: TestList
“Create list” checkbox is unchecked

In my SharePoint online tenant I have two site collections (sites/site1 and Sites/site2) each has a list called TestList.

When I run the pipeline, an item is created in TestList on site1 but then it errors out at the “SharePoint Online - Create List” snap with the error message:
“HTTP Response Code: 404; Response Message: The specified list was not found”
and no item is created in the TestList on site2

If my JSON Input entries have the same value for site, the pipeline works fine.