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SOAP Execute snap attachment error

New Contributor III

Hello All,

Trying to send a zip file to a SOAP service using the SOAP Execute snap. I attach it in the snap but do I need to reference it in the envelope? I mention the filename but I am clueless as to how do I reference the file in the soap envelope. The Sample SOAP payload is below:

            </ns0:document>#foreach($jobList in $jobList)

Any help is appreciated.


Former Employee

@wani-amol, it appears that you are using Oracle Financials (Cloud?) and the ERP Integration Service’s loadAndImportData operation.

According to this documentation:

the type of the <ns1:Content> field is {}base64Binary-DataHandler - I imagine that means the file content is Base64-encoded.

SnapLogic provides Base64 encoding via the Expression Language and also via the Binary to Document Snap - you could use either of those depending on your pipeline design. Mapping the Base64 encoded data to the $document.Content property, so that it may be used in the SOAP Execute’s template, should complete the required steps.

New Contributor III

Hey Robin,

I figured the issue. I was trying to find a way to reference the file I am attaching to the soap snap in the envelope. Refer below:

xmlns:xop=“” href=“”/>

I had to add the xop line and reference the filename to send it across.
I had encoded the file in Base64 format but it gave me an error. When i sent the file without encoding, it went through which was weird but it solved my error.
Thanks for your help though! 🙂