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SQL Server Stored Procedure Snap hangs when returning data

New Contributor


I’m working with a Stored Procedure that has no input variables and returns about 4800 rows of data. When I build out my pipeline and validate, the procedure returns the first 50 rows successfully (as expected). However, when I go for an actual execution the pipeline hangs on that particular snap.

Given that my pipeline works when validating, I don’t think there is a connectivity issue. I don’t know if there is some action I need to take in order to handle larger data sets?

Any information or insight here would be very helpful

Thank you

Edit: Here is a screen shot of the pipeline execution in the dashboard. It will hang at exactly 1024 docs each time image


Admin Admin

I believe our Support team received this issue and are investigating.

Diane Miller
Community Manager

New Contributor

Did you ever get a solution for this, I am running into a similar issue where a SQL Execute snap that is using a SQL select top 300 * from tbl statement rather than a stored procedure;it just hangs at 1024 documents. In the SQL Server activity (sp_who2) there is a cursor event (FETCH API_CURSOR0000000000000FD7) that appears to just hang. The pipeline will not go any further - even if I use a different select statement it still hangs at that snap.
Any information or insight here would be very helpful,

Thank you

is the same query working outside snaplogic in any db client tool?

Hi Smudassir, thank you for responding,
Yes, the query is fine, it only pulls a few hundred records from a simple table. Even when I select top 1 * it still has the same issue.

The code in the SQL server - Execute 3 snap is :