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SQL Server Stored Procedure Snap

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SQL Server Stored Procedure snap has 2 outputs, one for output parameters and another for result set. I am only interested in the resultset, how do I make sure the “output parameter” view is closed? We don’t want to have multiple open outputs in the pipeline.





What is the issue with multiple open outputs? It is not a functional problem for the pipeline. Without a connecting snap the output of the output parameter view will be discarded.
If it is really a problem AND your results sets will never be greater than 2147483647. You could attach an Exit Snap and set the exit value to 2147483647.
Use a filter snap connected to a json formatter connected to a file writer. Set the expression in the filter snap to false and no documents will ever be pass through. You will have to assign a name in the file writer and it will write an empty json file, but you can put it in sldb without worrying about size constraints.
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This pipeline is a sub-pipeline of an integration pipeline, and having multiple outputs causes problems.

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@IgnatiusN, I used to use a Script snap (with output view removed) for this.

Python Example:

from com.snaplogic.scripting.language import ScriptHook
from com.snaplogic.scripting.language.ScriptHook import *

class MFParser(ScriptHook):
def __init__(self, input, output, error, log):
    self.input = input
    self.output = output
    self.error = error
    self.log = log

def execute(self):
    while self.input.hasNext():
        data =

hook = MFParser(input, output, error, log) 

I have since written a custom snap that does the same thing and is slightly better in performance (when measured by milliseconds).

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how do i make it execute either one of the output views.
For ex. if the stored procedure has data it sends output to both views (Resultset view has the total rows, Output view has 1 rows) . This causes the snaps in both paths to be executed. I only want the Resultset view path to be executed when there is data.

if the stored procedure has no data it sends output to only the Output view and if you do a count it comes as 1 even though its zero rows in stored procedure .