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Trying to validate JMS account for IBM MQ

New Contributor II

I’m trying to configure a JMS Producer that will communicate with a client’s WebSphere MQ, v9.1 (I think). I’ve received the jar files from the client’s lib directory, and that list of files resembles, but is not identical to, the list suggested in; I assume that different versions will have different files.

Interpreting the comment given on

Upload these libraries(Jar files) to the Shared project for the JMS Account to work as expected.

I’ve added my jar files to my space in the project (bcpkix-jdk15on.jar), the shared space in the project (…/shared/bcpkix-jdk15on.jar), and to the main shared space (…/…/shared/bcpkix-jdk15on.jar), hoping that one of them works.

When I validate this account, I get this error:

Failed to validate account: An error occurred while looking for the connection factory (Name: Cause: (Reason: An error occurred while looking for the connection factory (Name:; Resolution: Please verify that the ConnectionFactory exists in the specified jar.)

As you may have surmised, the value of my Connection Factory is, which I’m led to believe is correct. I don’t know if this value being incorrect is the issue, or if “in the specified jar” is a big clue, or if it can’t see the files, etc. The instructions given under “Configuring JMS for IBM WebSphere MQ” are a bit lacking if you’re not the WebSphere MQ SME, so I’m hoping that someone has a similar example?



I’ve configured JMS for Oracle, but not WebSphere. Admittedly, our documentation is rather elaborate but I’m sure vetted for some versions. Let me find out a bit more information – you may be closer than you think. Expect a follow-up…

I’m still researching this. Below is a Websphere JMS account for one of our test environments. I think the ConnectionFactory needs to be however it is defined in the .bindings file.

In this configuration, I think the full file path is /home/ubuntu/JNDI-Directory/.bindings though
haven’t been able to access this file yet.

jms-account-websphere-1 jms-account-websphere-2 jms-account-websphere-3

I’ve reached out to another developer who is more familiar with WebSphere configuration.

It is my understanding that you have created a support ticket which is good thing to do. They’ll be able to resolve your issue.