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Upgrading Java Version on a Groundplex ( 1.7 to 1.8 )


How does one upgrade their Java version (from 1.7 to 1.8) on their groundplex node on WINDOWS:
Stop your JCC
C:\opt\snaplogic\bin\jcc.bat stop
Check your Windows environment to see if you have a 1.8 version of Java.
Do this by executing the command java -version in a command window.
If the version of Java is less that 1.8 (version 8u74 is the latest), then:
Download the Windows JRE from and install the JRE at c:\opt\java.
​If JRE 1.8 is already available on the machine, the existing installation can be used.
Use Notepad to edit the file c:\opt\snaplogic\bin\jcc.bat and change the entry for the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the location of the existing installation, putting double quotes around the value.
Optionally, you may also change the entry for the Java heap size (jcc.heap.max_size) to whatever the maximum JVM heap space on the machine should be set to. A reasonable heuristic is to set it to 1GB less than the amount of RAM available on the machine. If you don’t know, leave it as it is; in the future, you may want to check with the SnapLogic team for possible adjustment.
Save the file and exit.
From the command prompt, you may start the node by running the command:
C:\opt\snaplogic\bin\jcc.bat start
To establish if the process started, run the command:
C:\opt\snaplogic\bin\jcc.bat status
It should be in the RUNNING state.
To verify the Snaplex has started, visit SnapLogic Dashboard

cp /opt/snaplogic/etc/*.properties /tmp
wget --no-check-certificate
sudo /opt/snaplogic/bin/ stop
sudo rpm -i snaplogic-sidekick-4.mrc232-x86_64.rpm --upgrade
sudo /opt/snaplogic/bin/ start