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[5-Minute Exercise] How to reassign fields using the Router Snap

Former Employee

Difficulty Level: Easy

In this exercise, you will learn how to reassign employees to another team by:

  • Using the Router Snap in a sample pipeline
  • Changing fields on the Expressions builder within the Router Snap

Watch this 3-minute video that walks through this exercise:

The sample pipeline for this exercise is for a mergers & acquisitions use case. When a company is acquired, HR receives a CSV file containing employee information from that company and wants to route a list of employees to department heads for review, including Customer Success, General & Administration (G&A), Sales & Marketing, and Engineering.

During the first pass of reallocating departments, the Asset Management team was assigned to General and Administrative (G&A). Upon further inspection, it was determined that the team should actually be part of Engineering. In this exercise, we will reassign the Asset Management team to Engineering.

Step 1: Make sure you have copied the sample pipeline (Sample_Pipeline) from the Shared folder within the Pipeline Catalog to your own project folder


Step 2: Click image to validate and preview the data in the pipeline. Once the pipeline is validated, the pipeline will turn green. Click to open the Router Snap.

The expressions here follow the logic of “if a Department is either A or B or C…, send it to the new department of AA; if D or E of F, send to BB”

Step 3: Once you open the Router Snap, go to the Expressions field for the G&A row, click on the down arrow. This will open a drop-down menu.


Step 4: Within the drop-down, click on the icon in the upper right corner to open the Expression builder.


Step 5: Within the expression, remove || $Department ==“Asset Management”. Then Click OK to close the dialog.


Step 6: In the Expressions field for the Engineering row, click on the arrow, then open the Expression builder. Between Development” and the ending parenthesis, add || “Asset Management”, so you end up with $Department == “Quality Assurance” || $Department == “Research and Development” ||$Department == “Asset Management”. Click OK, then Save.


Step 7: Click on image to validate the pipeline. The sample pipeline is ready to be executed, you can click on f94f3438-034f-4696-b74d-c17799ffb2d3 on the toolbar. The sample pipeline will turn green once it’s successfully executed.

Step 8: Go to the SnapLogic Manager and in your project folder, you can view and download the updated Engineering list.

Congratulations! You have completed this pipeline exercise!

Need more help?

You can launch the step-by-step exercise and additional resources on the SnapLogic Knowledge Center image on our SnapLogic platform, or peruse through the categories and topics on the SnapLogic Community.

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Sample_Pipeline.slp (23.3 KB)

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