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SQL Server to Azure SQL Data Migration Pattern


Created by @asharifian, SnapLogic

This pattern migrates table data from SQL Server and loads them to Azure SQL. Business case: SQL Server is the transactional database and encounter high data usage. Azure SQL is utilized for analytics and BI reporting. This use case is for a one-time data migration. Thereafter if necessary, a delta pipeline can be created by modifying these pipelines.

SQL Server-Azure SQL-Data Migration - Ali Sharifian

z_SQL Server-Azure SQL-Data Migration - Ali Sharifian



  • Tables can either be created on the fly, using the “Create table if not present” option in the Azure Bulk Load snap in the child pipeline or, if your tables have specific data type requirements, you can create the tables pior to executing the pipeline.
  • You will need accounts for the Email Sender, Azure SQL, and SQL Server. Pipeline can accomodate the Azure SQL Dynamic account and SQL Server dynamic account, in case you want to have the integration be portable to handle differing databases.

Sources: SQL Server Tables
Targets: Azure SQL Tables
Snaps used: JSON Generator, Pipeline Execute, Tail, Email Sender, Azure SQL - Execute, SQL Server - Execute, Azure SQL - Bulk Load


SQL Server-Azure SQL-Data Migration.slp (8.9 KB)
z_SQL Server-Azure SQL-Data Migration.slp (6.8 KB)