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MongoDB Update Query Expression

New Contributor

I have a child pipeline, which contains a MongoDB Update Snap, and I am trying to have the Update Query be an expression so I can take into account parameters passed down to the child pipeline.

The documents in the MongoDB Collection I am targeting, have a unique index on a field named “runId”, and so I am trying to match on this, and where found update another value in the document “documentsExpected”, again from another parameter. Below is what I tried as my expression, but it is choking.

Is what I am attempting possible? If so, where am I going wrong with the expression?

“{ _runId:” + _parentRunId + “}, { $set: { documentsExpected:” + _documentCount + " } }"


Former Employee

Have you tried writing the object literal directly instead of trying to build a string? For example:

{ _runId: _parentRunId, "$set": { documentsExpected: parseInt(_documentCount) } }

(I’m assuming you need the document count as a number and not a string.)

New Contributor

I just tried this and unfortunately it didn’t work.

Can you provide some more details. Did it error out? Or, did it run and not do what you wanted?

New Contributor

Yup, I can provide more details… I can’t read 😖

The field name in my collection was “runId”, not “_runId”…

Been looking right at it for hours!