Bug After Converting a Password User to SAML via Okta

After setting up SAML SSO using Okta for some of our users:

  • Current and former password == Yes users get taken to the “login / password” page after click on the snaplogic tile in okta
    ** Workaround is to just click the tile again and it works / takes to Designer
  • Users who have always been password == No users and SAML only go directly to the app after clicking the snaplogic tile in okta

Is this a bug or a problem with my okta configuration?

Yes we are also faced the same issue. finally internal SL admin team refreshed the metadata, then we are able to login using SSO.

I to having the same doubt, Hope its bug.

Can anyone from SnapLogic team advise here?

Thanks Surendar. I’m glad your issue was resolved. SSO is working for us, this is just a small hiccup for the few accounts who did/do have passwords.

Maybe a metadata reset would solve this problem too, but I just want to underscore that SSO does work in our instance.