Community Wish List

I wanted to create a single thread for ideas to help improve your SnapLogic Community.

What else would you like to see here? Are there additional categories or subcategories we may have missed? Do you want to see some regularly scheduled posts or discussions? If so, what topics would you like to see these on?

Let us know your thoughts. We’ll see what we can do and plan from there.


  • Added Enhancement Requests as a Category at Product Management’s request.
  • Added “Testing, Deployment and Automation” as a subcategory of Designing Pipelines.
  • Added the ability to mark a response to your thread as a Solution.

A section on Testing, Deployment and Automation would be good!

Global question: Would “Testing, Deployment, and Automation” be useful to you as a separate category or do you think it could be addressed as a subcategory of Designing pipelines, Snaps, etc.

  • Separate
  • Subcategory

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With a limited number of voters in the last two weeks on Testing, Deployment, and Automation, let’s make this a subcategory of Designing Pipelines. If it becomes popular, we’ll move it out.

As we’ve had a sizable influx of new users within the last week, I wanted to bump of this thread. What ideas might you have to help make this Community better serve your needs?

It’s been a couple months since we last looked at this. As we are now over 600 users, we’d like to know what else you want to see in our Community. To date, it’s mostly been a Q&A forum and a some announcements. What else would be useful for your here?