Convert Date(yyyy,mm,dd) to a date field

My work has had me creating a pipeline for the last few weeks, that checks if an excel document exists, and if it does, it opens it and updates our system based on what dates are in the spreadsheet.

I’ve had to develop it using the template we received, which had no data on it, so I filled in some test cases so that I cold work. I filled in the dates as DD/MM/YYYY since I assumed they would come in a similar format.

Yesterday, I received a copy of the document, and the dates are not in a date format.
They are an excel formula: “=DATE(yyyy,mm,dd)”
Which is coming through to SnapLogic as an string, and the Date.parse() can’t process it

The only thing I can think of is sub-stringing, but I don’t like doing it that way.

Can anyone suggest a better method of doing this?



Hi @RoyB,

Do you use Excel Parse snap for the document ?

If you use then check this “Evaluate formulas” checkbox:



Hi @viktor_n

Yes I am using an excel parser.

I’ve tried checking the box, and done testing following the change, and confirmed that it solves the issue

Thanks for letting me know about it