Correct way of restarting ultra pipelines


I’m writing to ask about the correct way to restart ultra pipelines. In our production environment we have 7 ultra tasks with 5 instances each. We went to the SnapLogic manager view and Disabled and Re-enabled all the tasks.

In this case we saw that ~20 out of the 35 task instances were restarted with the others failing to restart. This leads me to believe that this is not a guaranteed way of restarting all pipeline task instances.

Can someone tell me what is the correct way of restarting all the pipelines?

Hi @omair,

When you do changes in ultra pipeline, you don’t need to restart ultra task. The running instances change to completed automatically and new instances will be created. But if you want to be on a safe side and to be sure that new changes will be applied, you can go to Dashboard/Pipelines and from there you can stop the running ultra task. After a few minutes ultra task will start again automatically.